About Us

Mission Statement

‘Together on Disabilities’ is a non-profit that proudly provides young adults with special needs an opportunity to gain vocational experience at KEVI♥10 (pronounced “Kevi Love 10”), a clothing and accessories retail store located in Hemet, California. The proceeds of sales, fundraisers and donations are used to annually sponsor up to 10 young adults in need. Sponsorship includes fun outings, field trips and opportunities to support them and their families.

A Non-Profit Founded in 2016

Our clothing store gives young adults with special needs a loving environment to develop job skills for employment.

Joanna has currently lived in Hemet, Ca for  nearly 20 years and has first hand experience on the lack of services for individuals with special needs. She believes no one with special needs should never feel left out. Joanna’s non-profit ‘Together on Disabilities’ strives to make a difference and insure that regardless of your disability you can always have a friend to count on.

“They should always have a friend to turn to and an equal opportunity at employment. We are here to support you and to create friendships along with opportunities”. 

The Story Behind KEVI10

A Message from the Founder, Joanna Cruz

When I was 20 years old I had my first child and that child is now 22 years old. She was born with special needs. She has developmental delays and is autistic. I have always had to advocate for her. Now that she’s an adult I see the need for businesses to offer opportunities to young adults with special needs. Throughout the years I’ve been able to help others with special needs children, and advocate for them to gain very much needed services. Thus, the idea to create an environment and an opportunity to help those with special needs was born. This has always been a passion of mine.